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As part of the bigger picture, the Learning and Development division is engaged in the process of contributing its mite to the cause of "Employable India". Apart from the power packed curriculum and state of the art infrastructure what sets the whole exercise apart is the approach which facilitates seamless learning through simplified processes. Special emphasis is laid on customized training to foster higher levels of adaptability rendering domains irrelevant. Keeping in tune with the organization's motto of devising simple solutions to complex needs, the training methodologies too are delivered in an uncomplicated yet effective manner. The seasoned trainers responsible for delivery of training modules ensure that knowledge dissemination is done in the most effective way creating maximum impact. Overall, the L& D division of Doyen Business Solutions constantly strives to add value to the knowledge curve.

The L & D division of Doyen Business Solutions Limited offers various short term and long term courses thru its Retal Training, Academic Training and Corporate Training Division.

The objective of the Retail Training division is as follows:

1. Increase the employability of graduates and post graduates from the following academic streams.

2. All the above mentioned courses include soft skills training to ensure the students undergoing the courses are employable.

The objective of the Academic Training division is as follows:

Conduct the employability related courses like Campus Recruitment Training for all categories of students, Project Based Training for engineering students, Medical Coding training for B Pharmacy / M Pharmacy students etc. at very economical prices at the college premises itself. This would ensure the students are employable as soon as they graduate from their colleges.

The objective of the Corporate Training division is as follows:

The corporate training division conducts various IT, Soft skills, Leadership and Management related courses for corporate interested in training their new recruits, existing employees etc.

The training includes but not limited to: