About Us

Visual Identity:

The expression DOYEN, is a French noun, which means a senior member of a group, profession or society. Our management team members are Doyen's in their respective domains possessing more than 300+ man years of experience in providing IT & Non-IT Business Solutions.

The three colors in the logo have symbolic importance. Orange represents Endurance, Blue stands for Trustworthiness while Green denotes self-respect and well-being.

When we partner with you to provide solutions for your complex business needs, we shall maintain all three qualities of Endurance, Trustworthiness and Self-respect to ensure your Well-being.


Most admired company by employees, partners, clients and stake holders


Doyen provides simple IT solutions across complex business needs, ensuring commitment and quality processes through 4i global delivery frame work.


Respect all stakeholders with professionalism by maintaining high degree of integrity and ethical standards in every transaction.